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Our publications: Medical translations – the specifics and degree of responsibility, published in «Vlastnaya Vertical’ Federatsyi» newspaper, 10-12 2010

Newspaper «Vlastnaya Vertical’ Federatsyi» asked TLS Translation Company to provide professional commentary concerning the specifics of medical translations. Our editor-in-chief Viacheslav Sundukov wrote an article on this subject:
Demand for translation of medical texts is growing in the Russian market of written translations. The segment represented by translations of various manuals and descriptions of modern medical equipment grows especially fast.
If you want to achieve the necessary quality of translation of a medical text you have to have specialists with medical (educational and working) background and knowledge of relevant branch of medicine on your translation project team.
General knowledge of medicine is very valuable for medical translations, but knowledge of some specific part of medicine is sometimes of crucial importance. Translating medical texts is definitely a task for a team of specialists, unlike some other subject areas where in many cases one translator’s experience and knowledge may suffice. Medical translation infers a higher level of responsibility and participation of more than one specialist in finalizing the translation. Selection of such specialists should be rigorous and the main criterion here is quality rather than price. It certainly makes sense to trust tested professionals to translate a medical text for you. A reputable translation company will take the responsibility from your shoulders for selecting and if necessary finding and testing specialists with qualifications, matching the requirements of the translation project and will guarantee the high quality of translation.

TLS Translation Company has been successfully working with texts of various subject areas including medicine for more than 10 years. As a respected translation company we have in-house translators and editors who specialize in medical translations. We translate pharmaceutical related documents (medical prescriptions, medicines descriptions etc.), medical documentation (clinical study reports, medical history extracts, hospital discharge documents, medical charts and reports etc.), documents accompanying medical equipment (brochures, catalogues, manuals and user guides). Depending on the tasks of the translation project we select interpreters, editors and proof-readers with relevant proven experience.

We can guarantee the necessary quality and timeliness for translation projects of any scale thanks to the experienced professionals working in our project teams and meticulous quality control management. Special extended working groups can be created for large scale projects with involvement of high-caliber consultants. Project specific glossaries are developed for corporate clients taking into account stylistic and other preferences of our clients ensuring that each translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects.


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